tarte emphasEYES waterproof clay shadow/liner

I fear Tarte tried to do too much here.  Making it waterproof and a shadow or liner.  It’s… awful as a liner.  Perhaps it would be better as a shadow but only because application is so clunky.  Compared to Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner this doesn’t even rate.  

No go on this product.  Not worth it at all.

CARGO OneBase Concealer and Foundation in One

I ended up giving this to my daughter, who found it absolutely perfect for her routine in the morning on the way to school.  It’s got a wand inside for application, so it makes it a breeze to apply.  Covers great, spreads evenly.  Can use it for spot covering or full on foundation.  Really convenient small size fits right in your bag.

I liked it - my daughter just liked it way more.  Good I think, for when you’re on the go and need a quick fix or a touch up througout the day.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes

 Ohhh, a quite excellent mascara.  Very black.  Very lush.  Comes off easily without too much tugging and swiping at the delicate eye area.  Beautiful smell.   There is really nothing wrong with this mascara and I plan to always keep it in my bag now that I know about it.

The great thing about this mascara is that it can be your go-to product for whatever look your going for.  One swipe = natural.  2-3 swipes = lush, thick lashes.  5+ swipes, your night own on the town look.

The awesome thing is, even if you build it up like crazy, they never get hard, they still can bend easily and are comfortable.  They don’t get itchy or cakey.  

It’s seriously one of the best mascaras I’ve ever owned.

Kat Von D tattoo liner

I’ve got a sketch tentative affair with felt-tip eyeliners.  I can make them work - but more often than not it’s just a nightmare.  

The bright side here to using, basically, pens, on your eyelids is that the eyeliner is pigmented and dark - and light.  It feels like there is nothing on your lids.  That’s quite nice.  

Thing is, you can get the same feeling, and none of the headache, by using a good gel tub eyeliner like Bobbi Brown.  But I digress.

This is a perfectly serviceable felt tip pen eyeliner.  I just am not a huge fan of them in general.

H2o Eye Oasis moisture replenishing treatment

Okay - this may work for you.  But it stung my eyes something fierce - and I never even got it in my eyes.  Just being near the corners was enough to get my eyes watering for minutes, even after washing them out with water.  

I can’t give this any positive review because of that.  Whatever is in it can’t be good.

OLE Henriksen ultimate eye lift gel

I normally really love Ole Henriksen products.  Genuinely, I do.  But this was sticky — and stayed sticky.  I woke up sticky!   I didn’t over do it, either.  Just the lightest bit on my fingertip and patted around my eye socket - just like they tell you.  I really didn’t like how it felt.  Who wants a sticky face?  I’ll pass on this product.

Sephora Outrageous volume

Quite a nice mascara.  Very black, full of volume without massive amounts of application.  Takes some industrial grade eye-makeup remover to get it all off, though.  I suppose it’s worth it, I love some black, thick eyelashes.  It’s the first Sephora branded mascara that I’ve actually really liked.  I’m pretty selective when it comes to mascaras and this one is tops.

Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer


There is a big run on Argan oil products recently.  It’s a fad I guess.  I’ve got a few Argan Oil products and I like them well enough.  This one is fine.  Perfectly decent product and if you’ve a thing for Argan then you will probably really like this.  

Didn’t bother my sensitive skin.  I use it every now and then, because it’s there.  Nothing special or horrible.  Your mileage may vary!

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm - Multi Benefit Skin Care Makeup

I’ve got to say, for a brand that I was highly skepical of, this product is outstanding.  Let me say it again.  Outstanding!

I love it!  I would use it every day if I didn’t have 5 million other products that I bought and need to get rid of.  But when I want to look good - when I want to look my best - I use this.  


It’s got a warm, translucent color but seems to cover better than your average BB.  It’s even slightly buildable and it sinks in… it doesn’t sit on top of your skin and feel clammy like so many other products do.  Doesn’t irritate or bother my sensitive skin.  All around a pure winner here.  

Lancome Visionnaire Correcteur - Advanced Skin Corrector

Ehhh.  I used this whole bottle.  So for weeks.  Total nothing.  No results.  It smells pretty.  It goes smoothly on the skin.  Did nothing for my sun damage… and my sun damage is mild.  Did nothing for my pores.  Generally was seriously disappointed here.  I’d love to hear if anyone has had positive results with this product.  It costs an arm and a leg for a pretty smell.

NARS pure radiant tinted moisturizer

I’ve gone on a very long and gigantic kick of tinted moisturizers and beauty balms.  Anything to save myself from foundations.  

This one isn’t so great, though.  It’s perfectly adequate - so many 

products just end up being ‘adequate’ don’t they?  This is remakably heavier than most other tinted moisturizers, though.  It doesn’t blend in very well and tends to sit on the skin.  I didn’t like it.  I’m not sure if it’s because it has a bit more SPF than most other brands, though.  This could be it — but I’ve used a 45 SPF BB cream that weighs less than this.

The tint is really yellow and they didn’t have many options so it wasn’t the best color pick for me, either.  I’ve got a more pinkish undertone.  It’s my fault though, for choosing online.

A decent product but honestly there are just so much better out there.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Singles

Once again a perfectly normal eyeshadow that’s doing perfectly normal things.  Nothing fantastic, nothing horrible.

These are a bit high pigment, and they do create a lot of fall.  That, I don’t like.

I don’t have these in my drawer anymore.  I got rid of the lot.  While the colors are pretty it was just too much powdery fall to consider it worth my time.

Not really worth the money, I’d say.

Orofluido Hair Elixir

I got this stuff because they started using it at the 

Salon I frequent.  They would use it on everyone as a finisher - a shine enhancer.  Also as a pre-blow out lotion for your wet hair.

It smells divine.  It’s amazing for that.  It’s good for split ends and dry, damaged hair.  When I recently got mine lightened I would put this on every day and it does actually help your hair recover from those kinds of stresses.

This bottle I have will last for eons, seriously.  You don’t need much at all to use on your whole head of hair.  So it’s a good value :)

Too faced LAVA GLOSS Eyeliner

 Yet again, Too Faced seems to know what they are about with Eyeliners.  

This is my go-to eyeliner for a quick brown look.  It’s quick, it goes on smooth, I don’t need to bother with smudging and cleaning.  It just works and works well.  It’s a nice dark brown, very pretty.

I especially like how soft it goes on but also does not need smudging and fixing.  That’s particularly nice since those two things usually do not go hand in hand.

Again, a really good, solid product worth it’s price.

NARS Eyeshadow

Another perfectly decent eyeshadow and for awhile, I thought the best.  I was wrong, however once I started buying MAC eyeshadows ;)

These are quite good, however.  Very blendable, very pretty.  Loads of colors.  

Nothing spectacular, nothing horrible.  I do know, however, that I kept none of them and gave them all to my daughter.  To me, this is more telling  ;)

Your mileage may vary.